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White Glove Service

What it Includes

This is our premium setup service, which includes

  • resizing images
  • uploading all slideshow images
  • uploading and setting up all galleries
  • resizing and uploading logo
  • making sure color options fit your logo
  • configuring all basic settings and options
  • importing site from another WordPress installation
  • adding up to 5 informational pages (see description below)

Some things this process does not include

This service does not include:

  • custom design or layout of the site.
  • design or editing of any kind to the logo
  • enhancing, cropping, or changing images in any way other than resize to fit the site.
  • editing or fixing of any imported content. Content will be imported exactly as is.
  • accessing your current website to manually download images or content.
  • writing or editing of any content.

The Process

Before we start, we will take a quick look at where you are coming from to assess:

  • The best way to migrate your site(s)
  • The status of your current domain and url structure
  • Steps that need to be taken to transition to a new site correctly

At this point, we will provide any steps you need to take before we start. We will also provide some suggestions (if needed) for improving the process. If any steps described above are absolutely necessary, then we will be unable to continue until they are completed. Once the assessment is done and all steps are taken care of, we will request the needed materials listed below.

Expected turnaround time is 7-10 days from the time we receive all materials needed for the transition. We will be unable to start the process if anything is missing form the list below.

After we are done, there will be a phone call of up to one hour max to make sure everything is in its right place and to get any last minute feedback about colors, settings, etc. If there is time left, it can be used for a quick walk through of the site.

Basic Steps:

Look over the detailed instructions below to get all your information and materials ready. Once ready…

  1. Pay via paypal
  2. Tell us your chosen options by Filling Out This Form.
  3. Create a text document with any text for informational pages.
  4. Create folders with images to be sent. See instructions below for details.
  5. Send all files through a file sharing service to info@photographyblogsites.com. We recommend DropBox – it is free for up to 2GBs of data.
  6. Email us to let us know that all steps have been completed.

Please read the descriptions below for details.

What we need from you:

All of the following should sent by  Filling Out This Form.

Site Map

This is a list of pages that are to appear on your site, as well as how they are to appear. It can be sent by  Filling Out This Form.

For example:


Details:  About/What to Wear

Portfolio: Weddings/Portraits/Boudoir



Current URLs

  • Current Website URL:
  • Current Blog URL:

Current Login Information

If you want to import content from an existing blog, we need the login to the current blog.

  • Current Blog Login URL:
  • Current Blog Username:
  • Current Blog Password:

BlogSite Options

All of the following should sent by  Filling Out This Form.

Choose a Theme

You can use any of our five themes. Please visit our demos and think about which theme you want to start with. You can switch at any time later but we will need to pick one in order to size certain images correctly.


  • Any specific color preferences? Please include colors as HEX codes or RGB colors and mention where they should be used: links in the main menu, text for the main content, links in the content, etc.
  • We can also just pull colors from your logo if you don’t know what colors to suggest.


Please indicate which fonts you would like to use for your Main Menu & Titles & Content Area. You can see what fonts are available in the Dashboard of your site under “Blogsite Options->Style Options->Font Options“.

Social Media Info ( optional )

  • Twitter Username:
  • Facebook page or profile URL:
  • Alternate RSS feed (if you have one):

Custom links (up to 5) for main menu ( optional ):

  • Link 1 Text :
  • Link 1 URL :
  • Link 2 Text :
  • Link 2 URL :
  • Link 3 Text :
  • Link 3 URL :
  • Link 4 Text :
  • Link 4 URL :
  • Link 5 Text :
  • Link 5 URL :

HomePage Options

Think about what sections you want to use for the home page area and prepare any images that are needed. Include any text for the Welcome Message area in the text document with the rest of the site content.

Informational (text) pages:

All of the following should sent in a single text document.

Our text pages contain three possible content areas:

  • The main content area
  • A second, smaller content area (great for quotes or contact info)
  • A thumbnail image.

We can create and add content for up to 5 of these text pages, if the following is provided:

  • The exact text for the main content area of each page (provided in one of the following formats: .doc, .txt, .rtf)
  • A thumbnail for each page (if you want to use one)
  • The exact text to display on the side of the page (if any)

See our demos for examples of how these content areas appear on the site. Any text files should be saved with a .txt or .rtf extension – NOT a Word Document (.doc) file. If you are editing in Microsoft Word, please save or export the file as a plain text file.



 Image Folder

Images should all be organized in a folder. We have created this sample set of folders to help, simply download the sample set of folders here and insert the images for your BlogSite. Then send it back to us via DropBox, or YouSendIt. You can share it with the email address: support@photographyblogsites.com.


(1) Quality version of your logo in .jpg or .png format. We will specifically need a transparent .png file for Espresso, Macchiato, and Cappuccino.

Gallery Images

Images for the galleries need to be organized into folders named the way you want your galleries to be named.

No more than 20 images per gallery. You can add more later at any time.

If you want a gallery called “Portraits” there needs to be a folder called “Portraits” containing all the images you want for that gallery.

Images are easy to renumber or remove once in place but if you want to specify an order, place them in alphabetical order using the filenames.

All Galley Images should be 1000 px wide for horizontal images and 667px high for verticals.

Also, please indicate which of the photos is to be used as the thumbnail for each gallery.

If you need help resizing, please make sure images are at least those dimensions and no bigger than twice those dimensions. We can resize them to make them fit exactly but any smaller will sacrifice quality and any larger will make them slower to download and work with.

Slideshow Images

There must be a folder called “homepage” with up to five images (no more) for the homepage slideshow.  Make sure your images are at least 1000px wide.

There must be a folder called “blogpage” with up to five images (no more) for the blog page slideshow.  Images should be cropped to 1000px x 280px.  We can also crop these for you if you would like.

The blog page can also display just a single image. If you would rather use that, just send one image.

Images for the slideshows can be reordered or replaced later, but you can name them alphabetically to let us know your preference for image order.

Homepage Alternative Images

If you would like to add featured links please send along 3 images at least 328px wide with the title of each section.

Sliding Panels and Welcome Message

If you would like to add this section please send images that are at least 600 x 370px. Also, send the text that you would like to appear on your welcome message.

Images used for Details and Text Pages

Images used for details and text pages must be placed in a folder called “page images”, WordPress calls these Featured Images. They must be named with the name of the page they go with.

To use a thumbnail on the “about me” page name the image “aboutme.jpg”

All images used for thumbnails should be at least 400px wide. For use in the Macchiato theme, they should be 500px wide. We can resize to fit properly if needed.

Background Images

Please indicate which background image you would like to use from our pre-installed images. Found under Blogsite Options->Style Options->Background Images. You can also choose a color.  If you would like to include a custom image, please include it with your image files. Please make sure a repeating pattern repeats correctly. If it is a non-repeating image, please make sure it is 2000px x 1200px or less and 800 kb or less.


We can create a favicon for you.

Please send a piece of artwork that can be resized to a 16px x 16px square.

Start your new site now!