What is Open?

And Why Does it matter?


Our all-in-one portfolio websites are 100% WordPress, CSS and HTML5 — all open source platforms. There is not a stitch of Flash in our sites, making them completely viewable on mobile devices EXACTLY as they were designed. Your online branding remains cohesive to your audience. Your portfolio remains intact, and gorgeous.


Flash is incompatible with many of the ways websites are viewed today. It can hide valuable information from search engines and hurt your ranking in searches. It is a closed system to a significant number of potential visitors to your website. We have seen the repercussions of this in the inability to see Flash sites on iPads, iPhones as well as other mobile devices.

The workarounds for Flash site like splash pages and mirror sites are at best band-aids and at worst still negative for SEO. Specifically, mirror sites are spelled out by Google as something to avoid (they call this cloaking and sneaky re-directs). You can find out more information here.

Most of the effects created with Flash technology, i.e. slideshows, images galleries, and animated menus can be easily created with HTML and Javascript.


Google has also ignored this closed technology by creating Instant Preview or Google Instant. Rollover the magnifying glass on a Google search and you can immediately get a glimpse of the site you are looking for.

PREVIEWPB1 What is Open?

If that site was created in Flash, however, no instant preview is available ☹. For potential customers quickly browsing their Google search, the fact that they might pass you over is very bad news indeed. All that hard-earned money and time spent on increasing your SEO and creating your online brand might be thrown out the window if your customers and potential clients cannot see or find you.



Many vendors in the photography community have chosen to be open in their practices. Some of them even provide a fully documented API, or their Application Programming Interface. This makes a portion of their programming open to developers like us, so we can create products that speak to each other. Using this method, we were able to build a plugin that connects those services and others to any WordPress site, making your BlogSite more than just a website and turning it into a true hub for your online presence.

Through our Photographer Connections, a plugin we developed here, we have created connections to Album Exposure, ShootQ, Pictage and a massive integration with SmugMug. You can find out more information about Photographer Connections here. How much easier your business life would be if every product and vendor you chose spoke to every other product or vendor. Ask for it. Demand it. Support the companies that are willing to share and be “open” to each other. The future looks bright because…

…the future is open