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Phew! We've been tinkering away day and night in the Photo BlogSites workshop. The results are four SUPER EXCITING new products, developments and announcements. First, our own new website. Have a look around. We've included so much more information about features and our photographer connections and many more showcases and examples. Our second is our brand new SEO Image Galleries. It will change the way you showcase and share your photography. Choose from four different gallery styles, and many thumbnail sizes. Add as many as you want onto any page. Our Galleries Are All HTML - They Work Everywhere. Pretty much why we developed SEO Image Galleries in the first place. There is not one stitch of Flash and our galleries don't use an alternate mobile "friendly" version. They just work and look EXACTLY the same on everything. No smoke, no mirrors. Display Options Galleries can be added to any page or blog post

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