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We are so pleased to announce new homepage options to all our themes. Add Sliding Panels and a Welcome Message, a Video, a Slideshow, or Featured Links. Add them in any combination, or all at once. Now you can COMPLETELY customize your site! You can easily create an online presence that cohesively matches your brand and the UNIQUE way you market your business. Now with Homepage Options, Blog Options, Font Options, Fonts Sizing, Color Options, and New Style Options you can truly create an online brand that is unlike anyone else. You can't do that with a template website! You can turn on and off the sections you want to be public. You can change your site daily, adding feature sections for different times and promotions. Market your studio the way you want instead of trying to fit a cookie cutter site. As you can see the possibilities are endless! Sliding Panels, Welcome

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Two big releases today. Early this morning (actually late last night) we added the ability to make the blog page whatever you want. And now, a much requested item... Custom font sizes! Login and go to "BlogSite Options->Style Options->Font Sizes". This one is easy. Just check the box and pick a size. Why check the box? Well, allowing everyone to choose font sizes can really change the layout of the site, so we just want make sure you really want to do it. It might take some trial and error, especially as you change fonts. Each font is sized differently  so remember to look at both the font and the size when you make any changes. More? To start we have size choices for the links in the menu, page titles, blog titles, gallery titles, and the titles in the new footer area on the blog pages. If you see any more that you might want font-size

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