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There are a lot of ways to get online quickly and inexpensively these days. But you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you do not own a custom domain name. Does your blog or website address look like any of these? myname.wordpress.com mycompany.blogspot.com johnsmith.squarespace.com For $10/year you can own a custom domain name. nyname.com mycompany.com Doesn't that sound better? Plus you can get email at that domain name now. Using an email like info@mydomain.com sounds so much more professional than myname@yahoo.com or mycoolnickname@aol.com. Don't laugh. I still see people using AOL email addresses. Whether it is your personal blog or your company, spend $10 on a domain name and increase your brand recognition and the impression people will have when they visit your site or send you an email. Some places to buy a domain name: NameCheap.com Dotster.com eNom.com Register.com

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