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Video Home Pages As of tonight, we have a great new feature that is requested often... Full screen video home pages! (view on live site) You can now choose whether to use the slideshow of images, like all sites have had up until now, or replace that whole area with a video. Simply login and visit "BlogSite Options->Home Page Options". Select which option you want and paste and embed code from Vimeo, YouTube or any other site. You will want to customize the code as you grab it and make it 1000px wide. We recommend using the "New" embed codes offered by Vimeo or YouTube. Why? Because they will automatically provide replacement versions for mobile, iPhone and iPad. If you use the "old" versions you only get a flash player that will be unwatchable on some devices. How do you know what the "old" or "new" emded codes are? They will ask as you grab the

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