Social Media Integration



Social Media is an important part of your Guerrilla Marketing plan

Social media sites, especially sites like, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, are a great and inexpensive way to extend your marketing reach. But if all roads point to nowhere, or in several directions, than it is a moot effort. Our built-in social media integration always directs these efforts back to your website — your hub, your main online presence — bringing more visitors, more clients, and more money. We give you many options to share photos, posts, even galleries so you will never be at a loss for content for your social media campaign.

Twitter and Facebook and more..oh my!

We give you the option to add a blog feed to any of our themes, as well as a Twitter feed on the home or blog page of many of our themes. Our sites come standard with Twitter and Facebook links; just plug in your username and you are good to go. Add links to Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, or link to any site in your social media campaign, creating a perfectly drawn map to all your social marketing efforts. All-in-one.

Blaze – Sharable Galleries

Our new social media sharing tool – “Blaze” – makes sharing your galleries easier than ever before. Share a link to your gallery and people will find a re-sharable gallery that they can send on to their friends, who can send it to their friends and so on and so on…

And if you are a SmugMug user, you can add “Buy Now” links to any gallery, creating a sharable shopping cart that anyone could purchase from as they view.


RSS is one of the main reasons why blogs are great tools for SEO and for getting found online. It allows people to subscribe to your site so they can be updated when you post new content.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. How simple? Any WordPress site generates RSS feeds automatically. Whether or not you use them for anything specific, people who know how to use RSS can subscribe and follow your blog.

It also makes your site easier to crawl for search engines, new syndication sites and other services that are looking for great content.

Other Sharing Options

Add links to your Pinterest page or Tumblr, as many social media sites as you would like. Add them to the Social Bar in Cappuccino or as custom links to any of our themes. Your customers shouldn’t have to search to find your social media links.