SmugMug Integration

Synchronize your thoughts and choices



Website + Blog + SmugMug. All-in-One. Our customizable websites instantly sync style options and settings back to SmugMug and pull your SmugMug galleries onto your website. With our new deep integration, you simply authorize our sites to talk to SmugMug and we do the rest.


Our integration with with SmugMug means any decisions, uploads or changes to the look and styles you choose from are instantly synced to your SmugMug proofing site.  Logo, colors, background. It even changes when you change themes…

Any SmugMug gallery can now be displayed within your site. You can display using our own SEO image galleries or you can turn any SmugMug gallery into a proofing gallery. You can even choose per image to include a link to purchase the image within the SEO Image Galleries.

And with our new social media sharing tool ‘Blaze’, you can quickly share any gallery. Visitors following the link view the gallery on a re-sharable page, with options to easily send it to their friends, who can send it to their friends, who can send it to their friends…. or buy any image as they view it.

Every aspect of our sites, including the image galleries and Blaze, are not just compatible or friendly with iPads and mobile devices, they are EXACTLY the same.


Don’t worry about security, we use a method called “OAuth” to securely connect to SmugMug. We don’t ever need your user information, just login at SmugMug and they let us know you are a user.


Once you are authorized, new features and pricing options open up for SmugMug Power and Pro users, and you get an extra discount of $50 off your first year.

What are you waiting for? It's free to try!