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"It’s hard for me to imagine being back where I started as a photographer. Photography BlogSites began a new chapter of my business. While re-inventing my brand, I found inspiration in the beautiful and easy-to-customize templates. My friends from the support desk are always quick to answer my questions, and their responses make me feel as if the possibilities for my website are endless. I am an 18-year-old professional photographer who is able to do what he loves and share his art with his community -- all thanks to some pretty nifty tools provided by some of the nicest people on this planet. I look to the future with high hopes, and I plan to bring Photography BlogSites with me as my sole web-design-power!!

- Eli Dagostino (your biggest, 18 year-old fan from Martha’s Vineyard)"


Arnica Spring Photography

"After searching the web and looking at hundreds of different websites and templates I finally made the decision to go with Photography Blogsites. The choice was easy! I love the fact that my blog & site were seamless and everything is right there in one spot. They were great in helping me with any issues that I had getting things going and learning the system was so easy! Everything is very customizable and they just give you the basics to start with. Thanks so much! I love my blogsite!"

-Arnica Spring


Jenn Weis Showcase Photo

Jenn Weis Photography

"First, let me say that I wish I would have known about Photography BlogSites long ago.  After many frustrating attempts with other companies, I had achieved a decent look, but nothing compared to the professional, clean site that I now have! offers the best platform (Wordpress) available for ease of building a professional site.  I was able to create the look I wanted, have a portfolio/blog site in one, and streamline my brand with my own designs seamlessly. In addition to working with a trusted platform, they also use HTML5.  Now I do not have to worry about "Flash headaches" again!  Another great benefit? Through the partnership of photographyblogsites.comand, my clients can now access my site and go directly to their viewing gallery and back with ease.  Plus, with the new customization options, I was also able to design my smugmug gallery to match my photography blogsite- which I absolutely love.  They have incredible customer service, an easy to use platform to make your site as unique as you want, beautiful galleries, easy SEO, and pricing that won't break the bank.  They are a must for every photographer."

Thank you,
Jenn Weis

Screen shot 2011-10-31 at 1.55.43 PM

Katharine Landmeier Photography

"Just the thought of keeping my Flash site, a blog, an iphone friendly portfolio site, client proofing galleries, and a Facebook page updated and SEO friendly caused workload overload!  I have found the perfect marriage of convenience and efficiency, while not compromising my brand or style in Photography Blogsites.  The amazing support and customer service is unrivaled - when is the last time you knew your support team by their first names? Thank you Photography BlogSites Team!"
-Katharine Landmeier

Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 2.21.02 PM

Laura Santos Photography

"I had just started to work with Deluxe Modern Design on my new logo design and marketing materials when I mentioned to her that I was really frustrated with my blog and website not being integrated. She told me to check out Photography BlogSites and I fell in love! Now my website and blog have a seamless look, both are in one, easy to use location (saves me a ton of time), SEO optimization, HTML5 (now I don't have to worry about phones that can't view Flash sites), amazing support and ridiculously good customer service!! To top it off, it was such a great price. I could not be happier and the best part... I love that my website and blog don't look like everyone else's!" - Laura Santos Photography

Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 2.28.57 PM

Latasha Haynes Photography

"Before Photography BlogSites we had a blogger site, which is fine, but it wasn't giving us the diversity and features that we were looking for. After meeting the BlogSite team at WPPI 2011, we learned about Photography BlogSites and were SO excited to come back and get to work! We love Photography BlogSites. We love how customizable the layouts are. We love that you can have the option of a blog or blogsite which is perfect for whatever stage of your photography business you're in. Managing the site is easy as the layouts are simple and just work! I look forward to blogging now, where before it seemed like such a task. I completely designed my entire blog from scratch and didn't have to hire a fancy graphic designer. It's really so easy and totally affordable and in this business easy is good!" -Latasha Haynes

Teryn Robinson

Teryn Robinson Photography

"I previously had a flash site with built in proofing galleries that were slow to load, hard for clients to sift through, and could not be viewed on a mobile device.  My blog was almost nonexistent as it was a free blogspot I rarely had time to update and it ran completely separate from my website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I have been completely blown away by the package Photography BlogSites offers.  I now have a one stop shop on the web that's quick to load, user friendly, viewable on mobile devices, integrated with SmugMug for proofing, SEO friendly and looks great!!  What more could a photographer ask for? Aside from the actual site capabilities their white glove service saved me hours of  time transferring everything over from my old site and figuring out how to use the back end.  Once it was transferred we had a phone call where they explained the back end to me and how to update it on my own.  When I ran into problems getting my domain name transferred over, the support team was amazing!!  They were always quick to respond and explained things in ways I could understand (unlike the company I was trying to get my domain from).  I just love Photography Blogsites and would recommend them to any photographer!"

-Teryn Robinson

Michael Screen Shot

Michael Alan Bielat Photography

"Photography BlogSites has simplified my life and, more importantly, allowed me to reach more clients than ever before! My old Flash site was horrible with Search Engine Optimization and couldn't even be viewed on certain mobile devices and tablets. How lame is that? Photography BlogSites was the answer to my website problems. It was simple to get started and even simpler to customize and update content. I'd have to honestly say that choosing Photography BlogSites was the best decision that I have ever made for my business!"

- Michael Alan Bielat


The Good Photographer

"In a single affordable solution I get amazing photo galleries, a blog powered by Wordpress, SEO optimization, a powerful backend user interface, support from smart people, and easy integration with Album Exposure and SmugMug with more vendors to come.  It's also infinitely customizable and looks smoking hot, too. If you are looking for a website/blog solution, my friend, you are done.  PB has so many features and is such enormous value, you will be at a competitive disadvantage without it." -Paul Rumohr, The Good Photographer


Bailey Aro Photography

"In our mobile-trending world, it's time to jump on the HTML5 + WordPress bandwagon, and Photography BlogSites is ahead of the curve in the best way. This isn't your average humdrum set of website templates. PBlogSites provides creatives with fully customizable tools for integrating your brand identity with your web presence. The backend is intuitive for all users, and the possibilities really are limitless. I'm dually impressed with their dedication to constant improvement and their responsiveness to clients' needs. I love my site because it feels like me, and that's something I'm proud to share with my own clients." -Bailey Aro

Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 5.55.37 PM

Nicole Montmarquet Photography

Photography Blogsites has allowed me to easily implement my brand throughout my entire web presence. Everything is now in one place and so easy for me to use and navigate on the back end and smooth for my clients on the front end. When Analytics showed the percentage of mobile phone users viewing my site, I knew I needed a better solution and presence. I found Photography Blogsites while researching my options, and I am SOOO happy I did. I was able to effectively convey my brand with the large amount of options you give, and now that I don't have a dozen different places to maintain, I save a ton of time and headaches. Also, as a Smugmug user, I was thrilled to see the amazingly easy integration between the two. Everything is easy, clean, straightforward, and still offers plenty of customizable options. I really have to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Since I've made the switch to Photography Blogsites, I have almost tripled the amount of client interest.... sooo honestly... have I said THANK YOU!?! :-)


Gary Kordan

"After years of false starts and frustration trying to launch a dynamic blogsite I am so happy to have chosen Photography BlogSites. I'm a production designer for television in Los Angeles and all of my new or potential clients check out my work before meeting with me in person. Every other site caused headaches and I needed a masters degree to figure it out! PB delivers on everything that other blogsites promise. It's easy to set up, easy to update and most importantly it makes it easy to make an upscale impression before meeting face to face." -Gary Kordan

Screen shot 2011-12-01 at 2.43.27 PM

Chloe Jackman Photography

"Absolutely fabulous!!!!

My experience with Photography BlogSites and their white glove service has been absolutely fabulous!!!! I am so grateful to The Photography BlogSites team! They are so patient, intelligent, generous, thoughtful and creative. They have made my dreams of having a super sassy website that truly represents me come true. Once you are up and running they walk you through step by step to make sure you are fully functional to handle the back end on your own. I love it and them! If you are in the market to revamp your image, I guarantee you won't be disappointed with what this amazing team has to offer!

Thank you Photography BlogSites!!!!"
-Chloe Jackman


Leslie Nall Photography

"It is hard to choose what I like best about my BlogSite. It is so simple and straightforward that I was able to set it all up myself. I was able to integrate my existing Wordpress blog seamlessly, and I can easily update it whenever I need to. The amazing customer service is so available, helpful, and has gone WAY beyond what I would expect. I have received email responses to my questions evenings, Sundays and even a follow up days later, to make sure all was working as it should.  Photography Blogsites continues to add more options and choices, and I am more than pleased that I made the switch!" -Leslie Nall


Stephanie Reinish Photography

"I was so sick of my website looking exactly like everyone's else but wasn't ready to spend $3,000+ on a custom blogsite but I knew that I needed to do something different to stand out.  The day that Photography BlogSites launched I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for and perfectly in my price range! I set up my site that night and haven't looked back since. The support on the site is phenomenal and everything is so easy to update whenever I'd like to (even at 3 in the morning!). I'm constantly getting feedback on how great my site is and how easy it is to navigate."
-Stephanie Reinish


Morgan James Photography

"When we were looking for a new design for our website, we wanted three things: A clean look, an easy design process and great integration with our blog. We found all three, as well as awesome customer service, with Photography BlogSites!  The BlogSites Team truly believes in making photographers successful by giving them the tools to showcase their work. We had an open dialogue with them during the entire process, and I felt like our voices were truly being heard as we asked questions, made suggestions and designed our website based on their creative templates. We are very lucky to have found a great partner in Photography BlogSites!" -Amy Durham, Morgan James Photography


Diana Sproveri Bake Shop

"My experience with Photography BlogSites has been nothing but outstanding. The ease of use is only surpassed by the beautiful layouts that accompany their sites. I have saved both time and money building my own site as opposed to hiring an outside company. I cannot say how impressed I am with every facet of this website company, and I look forward to being with them for many years to come." -Diana Sproveri


Gina’s Portraits

"I just want to say how thrilled I am with my new Photography BlogSite!!!  The transition was so easy - they helped me through all the steps and the site is fantastic - I am getting so many amazing comments and how much people love the new look - thank you Photography BlogSites for making me look so good and being there to help with any questions - YOU ROCK!!!" - Gina Yesnik MPA  2011 Top Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year

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