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We are open to working with all sorts of vendors, especially if you offer an API. Send us an email and let's get started.


Have some favorite vendors that you would like to see us integrate?

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Photographer’s Connections comes standard with all our Photography Blogsites. It is a plugin developed by our own development team to easily connect different photography related vendors, with just a click of a button.

Why is this so important? Branding. Always be directing your clients to your
own site. One more way to keep your online brand cohesive, and keep
your clients from logging in all over the web.


SmugMug HandinHand1 Photographer Connections

The integration with SmugMug is our deepest integration yet. You simply authorize our sites to talk to SmugMug and we do the rest. Our sites are deeply integrated with SmugMug and will ensure that any changes to the look are instantly synced to SmugMug. Logo, colors, background. It even changes when you change themes…

Any SmugMug gallery can now be displayed within your site. You can display using our own SEO image galleries or you can turn any SmugMug gallery into a proofing gallery. You can even choose per image to include a link to purchase the image within the SEO Image Galleries.

Find out more information about this awesome integration here.

Album Exposure

AlbumExposure 300x254 Photographer Connections

No more sending people to a url like Instead, keep them on your site with a link to, or even customize with your client’s name. Just add your Album Exposure account information and you can embed.


ShootQ 300x130 Photographer ConnectionsShootQ provides a ready-made contact form which can be embedded into your site and onto any post or page. You can also use the Contact Form 7 plugin to send information to ShootQ and automatically create a lead for you. One more way your site can work for you.


Activate the Pictage module of Photographer’s Connections and you can list all your active events on any post or page. Send your clients to your branded Blogsite first.