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Give every page its own look and feel.

Not only can you add an unlimited amount of pages, but you can customize each page depending on its unique needs. Change layouts, add and rearrange sections, add video or a contact form anywhere and everywhere. You can even create hidden password protected pages for sharing content with clients.

Private, hidden and password protected pages.

You can make any page private, keep it out of the main menu or even make it password protected. Share any slideshow or gallery with a client securely and privately. You can even push it to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Add as many slideshows as you want.

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Photo credit: Jordan Duvall

Create unique layouts for your information pages.

Easily create unique layouts for your Details, Bio, Pricing, About, and other informational pages. Choose left or right for photos and left or right for copy.  As with any other page, use our CSS Customizer Panel to create something truly special.

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Add music, video, or a contact form to any page.

Create multimedia solutions to the way you deliver information on your website. Add a video, add a gallery, add music or a contact form to any page. Create questionnaires, contracts, instructional videos, and any other online collateral. Make the way you deliver the many messages about your studio or business as signature as you are.

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