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Unlimited, Customizable and Search Engine Optimized

As a visual artist, there is nothing more important than the presentation of your work. While most sites still use flash galleries, we have developed a 100% HTML gallery system that is easy to use, easy to customize and lets search engines find and rank each and every image.

GALLERY ipadiphone1 Gallery Options

HTML – it works everywhere.

Our galleries don’t use an alternate mobile “friendly” version. They just work and look the same on everything. No smoke, no mirrors.

Display Options

Galleries can be added to any page or blog post at any time. They can be embedded right on the page, displayed in an overlay window above the page or in a beautiful full screen gallery that fills any size monitor. You can also choose the thumbnail only version, we call it “Old School”.

FullScreen Flower 300x171 Gallery OptionsFullscreen Galleries

Our fullscreen galleries fill any size monitor, resize magically as you change the window size and look amazing on mobile devices. On the iPad, it even rotates and refills the screen as you move the iPad.

OverlayGalleries 300x242 Gallery OptionsOverlay Galleries

Our newly improved overlay galleries appear on top of your portfolio page so you never worry about your audience getting lost in the navigation of your photos. Arrows now advance the images in a beautiful display of your work.

ThumbnailGalleryEmbeddedinPage 300x224 Gallery Options

Embedded in the Page

Our embedded galleries work much like our overlay galleries, only they are…um…embedded. Works great on a blog page or anywhere you want your portfolio to sit inside your page layout.

OldSchool Thumbnails 300x151 Gallery Options

Old School Thumbnails

WordPress has a built-in gallery system too that allows you to add a series of images to any post. They display as small thumbnails that link to the full size image. We have added the ShadowboxJS plugin that makes any image link pop up in a beautiful overlay window.

SmugMug Galleries

If you are a SmugMug user, save time by using any SmugMug gallery as the source of your images. If you have already added images to SmugMug, why re-upload them here? Just choose from the list and let our site do the work. You can choose to include a “buy now” button on any gallery so your clients can purchase images right from your portfolio. They will be automatically directed to your already synced SmugMug proofing site.

SmugMug Sync

Did you know our SmugMug integration magically and instantly syncs your site’s look with your SmugMug Account? More info here.

SEO for Images

Getting found in search results is key to building traffic to your site. As a visual artist, you want your images to be found in image results, maybe even more importantly than having your site rank in the standard results. Why? While everyone is scrambling to be found in the general results, most sites do a poor job of optimizing images. Many photographers to this day are still using entire flash sites, and those with HTML sites still use flash galleries. Both hide your images from search engines.

We call our galleries SEO Image Galleries because not only are they built in HTML, but also because you can add valuable Alt information to each and every image on your site. That can be hundreds or thousands of SEO rich images for Google to crawl, containing venue names, city names, and image descriptions — invaluable for any studio or business looking to increase their ranking. You can find out more information about Alt tags straight from Google here.

SEOImageGalleriesALTtags Gallery Options

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