Branding & Style Options

Easy to customize. Create your cohesive online brand.

Your website is the center of your online presence. It will become the biggest representation of your brand. It is the face of your studio or storefront and often the first impression your clients receive. Our easy to customize branding and style options section makes is easy to create a beautiful portfolio website to represent your work and your brand.

Logos, favicons and more…

Upload a custom logo and your site instantly takes on a new feel. We have made it easy to add logos to all our sites. We even added the ability to upload a favicon, that little image that shows up in the browser and is used as the image for bookmarks. Other little touches like a customizable image between blog posts can help align your site to your brand. LOGO OPTIONS Branding & Style Options

Favicon image

What better way to make your site look as professional as possible than to create a custom favicon. We make it as easy as it is to upload a photo. We even include a link to a custom favicon creator.

FAVICON1 300x204 Branding & Style Options

Between posts image

There are many ways to customize your blog, but a great and easy way is to use one of our preloaded images between the post or create your own to completely match your branding.

ImagesBTWPosts1 300x196 Branding & Style Options

Twitter image

You can choose your own Twitter icon, which is a sweet way to personalize your Twitter feed. Note: this option is only available on the Latte theme.

TwitterImage 300x176 Branding & Style Options

Custom Background Images

We have preloaded all sites with some great background images. You can also upload your own. Use a single image or have it repeat left to right, up and down or in all directions. Center it or align it to the left or right. Keep it fixed so the page appears to move on top of it or let it move with the page. BACKGROUND IMAGES1 Branding & Style Options

Color Options

Every theme has color options to help every aspect of your site match your brand. COLOR OPTIONS Branding & Style Options

Font options

Choose from a growing selection of fonts for menus, gallery titles, blog titles and more. We even include some great fonts usually not available to websites by using embedded fonts. All of our embedded fonts ar html based and are readable by search engines. So they look great and still provide all the SEO goodness of HTML. FONT OPTIONS Branding & Style Options

Font Sizes

Need a couple more menu items? Think the size we gave to the blog titles is too big? Change it. Every theme has multiple font size choices where it matters most, allowing you to change the look, space things better, and take control of your site. FONT SIZES Branding & Style Options

What are you waiting for? It's free to try!