Blog Page Options

Instantly change the layout of your blog page.

Sidebar or no sidebar? Excerpts only? Widgets at the bottom? No longer will you be confined to the single options of a blog theme. Making your site truly unique includes a customized blog page.

Sidebars and widgets:

All blog pages (including all our blog-only themes) can now choose to have the sidebar on the left or right side of the page, or a full screen blog area with no sidebar at all. In addition, you can add a brand new customizable widget area to the bottom of the blog pages. It has three areas – left, right and center, allowing you to add widgets wherever you want. How about the choice of whether to include the “Follow Us” links in the sidebar? Or the ability to change what the title of that section is?

blog layouts latte Blog Page Options

Show the full post or just an excerpt.

You can also choose whether your blog will display the entire content of each post, or just a brief excerpt. With the full content, you get to see everything, including the images. With just the excerpt, it is only the first 150 words, making for a cleaner page and a faster page-load speed.

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A quick look at our Blog Options page:

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What are you waiting for? It's free to try!