General Questions

What is a BlogSite? Just a fancy word for a blog?

The traditional ‘blogsite’  has been just a blog, with some added pages and maybe a Flash gallery or two. Our Photography BlogSites are full portfolio sites with unlimited galleries and a built-in blog, social media links, all editable and customizable from an easy-to-use WordPress backend.Check out our live Demo Sites!

Why would I want a BlogSite?

Maintaining a separate website and blog (with additional websites for multiple off-shoots of your business), plus all the social media sites–is too much. These should not be thought of as separate entities but as branches of your entire marketing effort, bound together by one consistent brand. Consolidating your web presence is better for search engine findability, easier to manage, and allows you to sell your service/product with one clear message…so you can get back to shooting.In fact, we believe in this so much that we use our own platform for the Photography Blogsites website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a state-of-the-art Content Management System that allows you to easily edit the content on your site. You can find out more about it at their site,

How Do I get a Photography BlogSite?

Just click the “Start Free Trial” button and follow the steps by entering your username, password and email. Within seconds, your free 14-day trial begins. You can then choose from a number of themes and start adding your content. If you love it (and we think you will), go ahead and subscribe to your site in the Blog Account area under the Dashboard.

How Soon Is My New Site Available?

Immediately. Just signup and your new BlogSite is ready to go. Any time. Any day. No waiting for access or installation of any kind.

What kind of support do you offer?

We send every new user a comprehensive ‘Getting Started’ guide in PDF form. For more detailed instructions, we have a full Knowledge Base and User Forum. We encourage all our clients to join in the conversation as we are looking to constantly improve our Photography BlogSites.We also have a new Support Ticket system in place so you can report any issues or get a look at the progress being made on new features.

You can reach us by email and we also monitor Twitter and Facebook very closely for anyone looking for help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tell me about your SEO benefits?

Our entire system and every site is built with WordPress, famous for its SEO capabilities. We have configured settings and customized every aspect of WordPress and use a combination of amazing WordPress plugins. This includes a trio of the best SEO plugins that are highly recommended for any WordPress site for photographers.
  • The first one is the famous All in One SEO Pack, the most downloaded of all WordPress plugins. It is very powerful and incredibly easy-to-use. Follow the link to find out more.
  • The second is SEO Friendly Images, a great plugin that adds ‘alt’ attributes to each image in your blog posts, all behind the scenes, just install and let it work.
  • The third was designed for photographers, and created by our developers here at Photography BlogSites called SEO Image Galleries. It is an alternative to flash based image galleries, using 100% CSS and HTML and loads every image with SEO information.

Is there any Flash in your Photography Blogsites?

Not one stitch. While many WordPress websites include Flash galleries or portfolio sections, ours are 100% CSS and HTML. This allows for greater accessibility, SEO capability and a cohesive look, even on iPhones, iPads, and most mobile devices.

Hosting and Maintenance

Do I need to know how to install anything?

This is fully hosted and managed by us. All you have to do is sign-up.

Do I need my own hosting account?

We host everything here. This allows us to update you to the latest, most stable version of WordPress as well as update the plugins each of our themes is utilizing. We give each account up to 4 Gigs of server space.

Can I host it myself if I want to?

At this time, no. Our Photography BlogSites are more than just a stand-alone themes. They are a system of themes, plugins, settings, and the server configuration that all work together. We are able to keep our costs down by hosting everything in one spot and managing this system in a way that ensures optimal performance. If you are interested in hosting a WordPress site on your own server, we recommend checking out our custom blogsite packages.

Can I use my own url?

Absolutely, we recommend once your site is exactly the way you want it, to map it to your own domain or url. We include an instructions in our support section. We do not charge extra for this ability.

Can I get email at my custom domain?

We recommend using gmail to redirect your custom domain account. You can obtain up to 50 emails at your custom domain and direct them to one mailbox. We have more information in our support section.

How often do you back-up?

We automatically back up the database up twice a day. We recommend that you keep a copy of all your images and content. You can also export your site at any time should you want your own backup.

Customizing BlogSites

How customizable are your sites?

Our blogsites are very customizable. Upload your own logo and custom background pattern or color. There are color choices for menu bars and social feeds on many of our themes. Because our sites were built in WordPress the possibilities of customizing many of your informational pages are virtually endless.

Can I switch my theme at anytime?

You can move seamlessly between the themes we have available on each subscription levels. We will be adding to our themes constantly. Feeling bored? Switch your website. While your content and galleries will remain the same you can be sporting a new look in seconds. All for one low monthly or annual fee.

Pages and Image Galleries

How many galleries are included?

You can add an unlimited amount of categories or galleries/ portfolios to your blogsite. Our SEO Image Galleries allow you to automatically add valuable SEO information to the name and “alt” attribute of your photos.

How large do my photos display?

Generally sizes are up to 1000 x 667 pixels in the galleries and homepage. We designed all our themes with photographers in mind; to display your images as large as possible.

How many information pages or custom links are included?

Informational pages are unlimited. Space on the main menu limits the number of top level pages, however the number of subpages are endless. You can create up to 5 custom links in the main menu. You can also use the built-in links editor with each theme’s link page to add as many links as you need. This would work well for a “suggested vendor” or “links we love” page.

Can I add video?

You can embed video (for example) from Vimeo or YouTube to any page on your site in the same way you would in a blog post. Instructions on how to do so are on our support site.


How do you integrate social media into your BlogSites?

We include social media links in all our themes, Twitter, Facebook as well as an RSS feed link on the homepage as well as the blogpage. On a few of our themes we also include Twitter or blog feeds. Having one site that links all of your social media and blogging campaigns is a fantastic way of maximizing your marketing efforts.

Can I integrate ShootQ into my contact page?

Yes you can. Our built-in contact can connect directly to ShootQ, creating a new lead for anyone who fills out your form. All you need is your “ShootQ API Key” and “ShootQ Brand Abbreviation”. Automate the process of collecting potential customer’s contact information.Not only that. We developed the plugin that does it. It is called ‘Photographer Connections’ and it is freely available from WordPress.

More about the Photographer Connections WordPress plugin.

Import and Export

Can I import my current blog or will I lose everything?

Importing the posts from your current blog is very easy to do. An instructional video and documentation are in our support section.

Can I export my site and leave at any time?

Yes. As with any WordPress site, there is a built in ‘Export’ option, which will export all your posts, pages, categories, etc. The theme (the look of the site) is not included, however, and certain images and options that were specific to our sites will not be used with other themes.


What does my monthly/annual subscription fee include?

Everything.Our BlogSite subscriptions offer an all-in-one portfolio BlogSite with unlimited galleries, unlimited informational pages, custom links, a blog, hosting and the ability to switch your theme at anytime.

Our Blog Only includes everything but the unlimited galleries and informational pages. It is a perfect add on for those not ready to switch their existing portfolio site.

You have the ability to switch your theme (or website design) within your subscription level at any time. We will be adding themes, so you can never get bored with your web presence.

We include up to 4 Gigs of hosting space. All of our sites are optimized for search engines and work on mobile phones and the iPad without the need for additional mobile or HTML sites. With all our accounts, we maintain and upgrade WordPress and all plugins so that your site always has the most recent stable versions. We also back up our database twice a day. To get a full list of our features visit our pricing page.

Do you offer blog only versions?

We offer blog only versions of all of our BlogSite Themes. You can upgrade Blog Only plans to our all-in-one BlogSites at any time and keep all the content and settings in tact.

Do I need to purchase a separate site for mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads?

Because our blogsites are 100% HTML, Javascript and CSS (no Flash whatsoever) our same sites are viewable on mobile devices, iPhones, iPads, etc. One site to update, one site to maintain. Your branding and marketing efforts will remain consistent and cohesive.

How does your free trial period work?

There is a 14-day no-obligation free trial period. You have full access to all features allowing you to set up your site, add content, add images, even map your custom domain. During the free trial
the site is only viewable to you as a logged in user. When you are ready to go live, choose from one of our affordable subscription plans.

I love it, how do I pay for it?

Anytime after you have signed up for your free trial, you can activate your site by logging in and accessing our payment plans under “Dashboard->Blog Account”. Our all-in-one BlogSites are $29/month or $299/year. Our BlogOnly sites are $19/month or $199/year. For more information and a full list of features check out our pricing page.

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