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Last week we quietly released our long awaited Ecommerce Addon. This is the first Premium Addon we have offered and we are very excited to be able to give any BlogSite user a fully functional store! For just a one-time activation price, any active BlogSite account can add a fully functional store and start selling just about anything you can think of! Demo Video Check out the quick demo below for a look at some of the amazing features! Includes Unlimited Products Downloadable products Virtual products ( for events or workshops ) Versatile Pricing with Coupons and Sales Tax, Shipping and Payment options Much, much more! Get more details here. Or Add a store to your site here!

We are happy to announce another great round of features and new plugins! Yesterday we made the latest updates live, including the usual upgrades and bug fixes as well as some very cool new features. Make sure you read ( or skip ahead ) to the end for a huge, HUGE, HUUUUGE announcement! Did I say huge? Easy Redirections You can now add unlimited custom redirections to your site. You can create easy to share links to send people to Facebook or Twitter. You could create links to events or an Etsy store. As an example, check out our new link to Facebook: Easy Shortcodes "Shortcodes" are used by all kinds of plugins to add things like contact forms and galleries to the content of pages. But it can get really complicated to remember how to use them, nevermind explaining it all in the first place. With our new Easy Shortcodes plugin, you can add stylized

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