VimeoPrivacyOptions Private client slideshows with VimeoDid you know that Vimeo allows you to make a video private? You can make it so no one can see it, no one can use the embed code except on approved websites, and can even hide it from Vimeo so it is not listed anywhere.

After that, you can add your own site as an approved site so that you can embed it yourself. Grab the code, add the video to any page and password protect the page.

If you really want it hidden, you could even hide it from the menu on your site using our new hidden page option.

Then share the link to the hidden page and the password with a client and they will be the only ones able to see it.

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There is nothing that defines your web presence and online brand more than your domain name. You NEED to own it.

The Good

When you own your own domain name, you can leave anytime. You can go to a new designer, a new company. You can use another email system.

You can login to your domain registrar account and in a matter of minutes do whatever you need to do with it.

More than anything… you will own your name, your brand, the center of your online presence.

If you “bought” your domain name through your web design company and you don’t know how to access or transfer it without asking their customer support, you don’t own your domain. You are merely renting.

At the first chance possible, you should transfer your domain to an account outside of the site itself so that you can own it.

The Bad & The Ugly

I have had way too many new clients tell me horror stories about trying to get a domain name back because they originally bought it through their last web designer.

Sometimes it is just poor communication skills, occasionally the designer is no longer in business, sometimes it is just lack of motivation because the web designer or company has to put forth effort to LOSE a client.

Once in a while, it is even downright malicious, unprofessional behavior when someone decides they will hold a domain name hostage. No matter the reason, this is wrong.

But you can avoid all of these things if you just purchase your domain name outside of the place you hire to design and build your website.

Where to buy domain names

We recommend a few companies that we have good experiences with:

Share your domain name Experiences:

Have any good domain registrars to recommend? Bad ones to avoid? Web company horror stories? Please share by leaving a comment…


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There are a lot of ways to get online quickly and inexpensively these days. But you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you do not own a custom domain name.

Does your blog or website address look like any of these?


For $10/year you can own a custom domain name.


Doesn’t that sound better?

Plus you can get email at that domain name now. Using an email like sounds so much more professional than or Don’t laugh. I still see people using AOL email addresses.

Whether it is your personal blog or your company, spend $10 on a domain name and increase your brand recognition and the impression people will have when they visit your site or send you an email.

Some places to buy a domain name:

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Once you have your website up and running, you set up an account with Google’s Webmaster Tools.

You can use it to:

  • Monitor broken links
  • See what keywords people are using to find you.
  • See what sites google has found that are linking to you
  • Submit a sitemap so Google can crawl your site
  • and more…

Here is a great overview of using WebMaster tools.

How it can be used to help improve your SEO.

A video tutorial of how to add your site to Webmaster Tools.

However, if you are a PhotographyBlogSites user, we have made the process even easier. No editing code or downloading files. Just visit “Settings->All in one Webmaster” and give it your webmaster tools verification code and your done.

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When you search in Google Maps, business show up with those red flag markers that link to entire pages about them.

Even more importantly, Google places these map listings at the top of even normal old searches if it thinks you are looking for something local.

If you don’t have a listing that appears in map results, you are missing out on the chance to appear at the top of certain search results.

Most people, most businesses do not have map listings yet. So you are competing against far fewer people compared to the usual search results because most websites get crawled by google just by sitting there, making the competition for the standard search result much more difficult.

All you need to do to get your own is create an account with something called Google Places.

So what are you waiting for? Go to, create your listing and start getting found in those local results!

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You can change the structure of your site and organize it better by grouping pages together.

As you edit any page, you can choose a “Parent” page, placing the current page in a group under that “Parent” page.

An example of this can be seen on our Support Site, where we use pages for all of our documentation.

As you edit any page, look over to the right under the “Publish/Update” button for the “Page Attributes” area.

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 8.42.27 PM 283x300 Group pages together using parent pagesSelect the drop-down under “Parent”. A menu listing all of your existing pages will appear. You can see by the indentation, which pages are currently under other “parent” pages. Select the page you want to group this one under.

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 8.42.36 PM Group pages together using parent pages

After you publish the page, you will see that the pages in the admin area get indented and grouped together the way you sorted them.

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 8.40.29 PM 300x234 Group pages together using parent pagesOn the live site, pages grouped together will end up in drop down menus (for themes that use them).

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 8.48.35 PM Group pages together using parent pages

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WordPress provides some easy ways to embed video anywhere on your site. On PhotographyBlogSites, we have provided a few more ways to make it even easier.

You can place video:

  • On the home page
  • As the entire content area of any page
  • On the side of any post or page, alongside any text content.
  • Or directly within any page content

Read more about Adding Video to Your Site.

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Did you know you can schedule your posts to be published at any time in the future? This is a great way to save time.

How to use it

You can sit down once, right several posts and have them go out later in the week or later in the month.
Have an event coming up that you want to announce a week ahead of time? Why chance forgetting to post about it? Write something quick now and schedule it for the right date.
Do a “picture-a-day” blog (or a Tip of the Day blog – hint,hint…) and setup posts for the next week.

Do you really think we remember to post everyday? No way. This whole section is scheduled ahead of time.

How to Schedule a Post

Just like Password Protecting a Post, the settings for scheduling a post are over to the right, near the Publish/Update button.

Usually it says, “Publish Immediately”. Click “Edit”. You can select any date and even a specific time to have the post go live.

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 8.27.02 PM Schedule your WordPress posts and save timeAfter you set your day and time, hit “Ok”. “Publish” will change to “Schedule”. Hit “Schedule”. All set.

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Did you know you can password protect any page or post in WordPress?

Just look over to the right as you edit any page. Under the Publishing area, you will see a section for “Visibility”.

Simply select “Password protected” and choose a password.

The content of the page will now be hidden unless you know the password.

Screen shot 2011 02 26 at 11.32.32 AM Password Protect a WordPress Page

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