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Today we are happy to announce the latest upgrades and new features! We have been hard at work over the last couple months on some great new tools to improve your BlogSites.

WordPress Upgraded to Latest Version!

The latest version of WordPress brings some exciting new features. With a new password security strength meter, you can make sure your site is even more secure! Go to your profile page and see how strong your password is!

wp upgrade 3 7 WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

There is also a new media uploader, to make uploading multiple images even easier. You can drag and drop images straight from your desktop to the site, watch them upload, then reorder via drag and drop as well!

Improved SmugMug Integration

We completely rebuilt the settings page for SmugMug, improving the process of connecting to SmugMug. We also improved the syncing process to make it more clear whether a site is currently syncing with SmugMug and making it easier to stop the sync and disconnect from SmugMug as well.


smugmug improve WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

New Designs for the New SmugMug!!

You may have heard, there is a whole new SmugMug available now, with new designs and new ways to customize the site. While this is exciting, they did not make the process of design sync available ( yet, at least… ) that we had been using with the “old” SmugMug. So if you are a new SmugMug user or have migrated to the new version, the design sync no longer has any effect.

But… We have some exciting news!

We have cracked the code to the new designs and can now offer a way to make your sites match like we always have. It is a bit more manual but only takes about 30 seconds.

How does it work? Our site will proved some CSS code that just needs to be copied and pasted into the settings within SmugMug. And that’s it!

Screen Shot 2013 11 11 at 6.01.47 PM WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

The Catch

For now, we are starting with a design that works with the Cappuccino theme. Anyone using the Cappuccino theme will be able to integrate with the new SmugMug starting today!

If you are using another theme, let us know and we will start working on the most asked for and most used themes next! But we have the method down now, so new designs should come quickly!

Better Support and Help Screens!

Previously we had tried to embed the support site into the dashboard. That did not do a great job of explaining how to use our support system. So we changed that to provide a page that puts all the needed links in one place.

support page WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

You can also access the same information at any time with the help tab that is on every page in the admin area!

help tab WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

Better Shortcode Insertion for SEO Galleries!

Sometimes a small design change can make a big difference. We sat down with the popup window for SEO Image Galleries and reworked it to be more intuitive and streamlined. You can still insert galleries the same way. It’s just cleaner and easier now!

seo gallery insert WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

New Background Images and Improved Options Page!

We also moved around the background customizer a little, improving the ways to customize the background of your site. And, just for fun, we added a bunch of great new backgrounds! More importantly we switched up the WAY we add backgrounds so that we can start adding more all the time!

new backgrounds WordPress Upgrade, Better SmugMug Integrations and More!

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ecommerce square BlogSite Ecommerce   Add a Store to your Site!Last week we quietly released our long awaited Ecommerce Addon. This is the first Premium Addon we have offered and we are very excited to be able to give any BlogSite user a fully functional store!

For just a one-time activation price, any active BlogSite account can add a fully functional store and start selling just about anything you can think of!

Demo Video

Check out the quick demo below for a look at some of the amazing features!


  • Unlimited Products
  • Downloadable products
  • Virtual products ( for events or workshops )
  • Versatile Pricing with Coupons and Sales
  • Tax, Shipping and Payment options
  • Much, much more!

Get more details here. Or Add a store to your site here!

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We are happy to announce another great round of features and new plugins! Yesterday we made the latest updates live, including the usual upgrades and bug fixes as well as some very cool new features.

Make sure you read ( or skip ahead ) to the end for a huge, HUGE, HUUUUGE announcement! Did I say huge?

Easy Redirections

Screen Shot 2013 04 30 at 3.41.50 PM Redirections, Shortcodes, Paypal Buttons and More!You can now add unlimited custom redirections to your site. You can create easy to share links to send people to Facebook or Twitter. You could create links to events or an Etsy store.

As an example, check out our new link to Facebook:

Activate the plugin under “Addons->Optional Plugins” then look for the new “Redirections” menu item. You can create and edit redirections, just like posts or pages.

Easy Shortcodes

Screen Shot 2013 04 30 at 3.43.27 PM Redirections, Shortcodes, Paypal Buttons and More!“Shortcodes” are used by all kinds of plugins to add things like contact forms and galleries to the content of pages. But it can get really complicated to remember how to use them, nevermind explaining it all in the first place.

With our new Easy Shortcodes plugin, you can add stylized text boxes, buttons and even tables to your pages with a couple clicks of the button. You can see it being used in this post for the colored boxes.

Activate the plugin under “Addons->Optional Plugins” then look for the new button that gets added to the text editor.

Paypal Buttons

Screen Shot 2013 04 30 at 3.45.18 PM Redirections, Shortcodes, Paypal Buttons and More!Yet another shortcode tool… This one lets you create simple Paypal buttons anywhere on the site.

Activate the plugin under “Addons->Optional Plugins” . Look for the settings under “Tools->Paypal Settings” and add your account info. Then go to a page where you want to add the Paypal button and look for the new button that gets added to the text editor.

Google Translate

Another new “Optional Plugin”. Activate it and you can add translations to any page or post. You can automatically add  it to each post or add it once to the sidebar of the blog. We will be adding more features to this and are looking for feedback about how it works. So let us know!

More Responsive image galleries

The “overlay” view for our galleries, the one that pops up in the little window over the page, had been set at a specific size. On smaller monitors and some pages on iPads, it would be too big and the navigation could be hidden. Well we fixed that and made it so the window is smarter and resizes to fit the monitor. It even resizes itself as you resize your browser window.

Better Social Sharing Buttons

We have several sharing plugins available – “Sociable”, “Tweet & Like”, and the “Pinterest Button”. Because they were all coded by different developers they did not always play nice together and might line up awkwardly if they were all active. So we reworked how they all play together and added them in a way that will look better and work together like they should.

Customizable Slideshows!

slideshows Redirections, Shortcodes, Paypal Buttons and More!A subtle addition but a nice one for anyone getting creative with the home page layout. You can now customize the speed of the transition and chose whether images should fade or slide to reveal the next image.

The same options can be used on the “Sliding Panels” section as well.

Huge Announcement – Ecommerce is here!

Screen Shot 2013 04 30 at 3.53.01 PM Redirections, Shortcodes, Paypal Buttons and More!

Well. Almost here. It is alive and active on the sites. You can see it in action in our marketplace, and here on Roberto Valenzuela’s Picture Perfect Practice site. We also have it out to a couple early users as a test before making it available to everyone.

This will be our first “Premium Addon” and we hope the first of many. “Premium Addons” will be available as a one-time activation price as a way to add some higher level tools to any BlogSite.

What it includes:

  • Unlimited products
  • Downloadable products
  • Customer tracking and automated emails for sales
  • Shipping and tax options
  • Customizable colors to match your site
  • Multiple payment options – Paypal, check, COD
  • Much, Much More!

Want to know more?

We will be doing a full blog post and email announcement later in the week. But if you want to let us know you are interested, email us and let us know!


Over the last month, we have made a bunch of bug fixes, feature enhancements and even upgraded our servers! And today we are releasing a whole bunch of new toys that have been in the works for a while – from better social integrations, the ability to import from Posterous and Tumblr, to some simple things like more images in your home page slideshows!

Optional Plugins!

Activate and deactivate as you wish!

Not everyone needs every feature. But we wanted to be able to allow everyone the features they needed. And now we can!

optional plugins New Upgrades and Features!

Just look for the new “Add-ons” menu item in the dashboard…

optional menu New Upgrades and Features!

More on the way!

Now that we can add plugins easier, we will be adding more often! If you have any suggestions, let us know!

Better Social Integrations – Publish to Facebook and Twitter!

Auto or manually publish to Facebook and Twitter!

Every page, blog post and image gallery can be instantly shared to your social profiles easier than ever!

social New Upgrades and Features!

Social Commenting Too!

Now visitors to your site can comment using their Facebook and Twitter profiles! You can evan have the site find Tweets and Facebook comments and list them alongside your website comments!

The whole list of new stuff!!

New Features!

  • Optional Plugins
  • More images for homepage slideshows
  • Make comment author links open in new window
  • Better spam protection for contact forms

New Plugins and Importers!

  • Publish to Facebook and Twitter!
  • Comments with Facebook and Twitter!
  • Import from Posterous
  • Import from Tubmlr
  • Create client areas easier with the Optional Plugin – Password Protect Child Pages!

Upgraded Plugins and Importers!

  • Blogger Importer was updated!
  • Page Reordering! – Drag and drop pages to reorder.
  • Latest Tweets display upgraded and fixed
  • Spam Destroyer plugin for comments and contact forms, upgraded and improved!
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