NewYear NewPrices NoOB Announcing Lower Pricing and Extra Discount for SmugMug Power and Pro Users

New Lower Pricing!

We are happy to announce our new even lower pricing for 2012! BlogSite subscriptions are now $29/month or $299/year!

So why are we lowering the prices? In the time since we launched, we have been able to improve our entire process so much, that we decided to pass along the savings to our clients.

Our sites have been tested, refined and improved. We have built and added new features. Our server has been optimized and tweaked. Our support system has been streamlined, and we have found and squashed bugs thanks to the input of all our amazing BlogSite owners.

One of the founding principals of Photography BlogSites was to make the process of getting your small business online, easier. Part of that process is to make the maintenance of your professional website as affordable as possible. This is just another step towards that goal.

What about current BlogSite accounts?

If you are a current Photography BlogSite owner the new lower pricing will automatically be reflected in your next billing cycle. You don’t need to do a thing. It is all just a part of that “full service” you have come to expect from us. You may have seen emails from us explaining the changes, but if you have any questions about how the new prices effect your account, just let us know.

Integration and Extra Savings for SmugMug Power and Pro Users.

We have extended our SmugMug Integration to Power Users. Now SmugMug Power Users can enjoy the same integration benefits as Pro Users. And because we always have a special place in our hearts for our SmugMug clients, we have included an extra discount of $50 off your first year. Once you are authorized, new features and pricing options open up for SmugMug Power and Pro users.


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