50OFFYOUR2NDSITE 50% Off Your Second Site! Now, Easier To Set Up With... SnapShots! Special Discount – 1/2 off Additional Sites!

Have ever wanted to start a 2nd or third arm of your business? Boudoir, commercial, a new product line, workshops? We want to make it really easy to take that leap. If you have at least one site that is currently paid, you can get any number of additional sites at 1/2 price. All you need to do is create a new site while logged in under your same username. When you visit the Blog Account page, all prices will marked down.

Yes, you heard that right. 50% off! ANYTIME.

And to make things even easier, we are happy to announce a very cool new feature that we are calling “SnapShots”.┬áIf you want to keep a similar look and keep some brand recognition on your other sites, you can use our new SnapShot tool to save, export and import style settings between sites. By simply copying and pasting your exported settings, you can spin-off a second site with the same exact look!

What are SnapShots?

On the most basic level, SnapShots allow you to save your site’s style settings. This means you can save a look, change it and go back to a SnapShot at any time. You can create multiple looks for time of year, holidays, or any other reason then save them and switch between them at any point. You can experiment with new looks for your site and go back to any one of them if you don’t like what you came up with.

Consistent Branding Across Sites

You can also export your settings and start a second site with the EXACT look of the first site. Imagine starting a new portrait or boudoir business that you want to have a separate site for. Using a SnapShot of your main site, you can instantly keep the branding consistent. And if you ever change the design, you can just export and update the second site in seconds.

But Wait, there’s more!

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing our own SnapShots to the entire Photography BlogSites community, available for free. For new users, these will be great starting points for your site. For current users, it will be like we just released a whole bunch of new themes.

Each SnapShot includes the theme it was built on. We will have SnapShots based on all of our themes, adding new color schemes, moving page layouts and more. You won’t need to worry about which theme you use or which theme the snapshot is based on. When you select a SnapShot, the site automatically changes the theme.

Themes Unlimited

As we release new SnapShots, the idea of “themes” will start to become less important. In some ways, we could develop one theme and build snapshots that do everything we need for a new look or feel. In the end, that is the important part – can you create a personalized site that is customized to fit your brand? With SnapShots, we will be able to very quickly develop new looks for you and expand the possibilities like never before.


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