PBS BoyCropped A Look Ahead at New Features for 2012The coming months will bring some new features and ideas that we are very excited about and want to give a quick preview of what to expect. For most of these, we will be looking for early feedback so if you are interested in trying out some new toys and helping guide the development of the sites, let us know!

Couture SnapShots!

The new Couture SnapShots will provide BlogSite owners premium designs that “snap” into place. They will come with easy to activate settings that bring a new look to your site and will even include layered Photoshop files, allowing further customization. All of our BlogSite themes are extremely customizable but these new design starting points will help you take your site to the next level.

WordPress Plugins for Everyone!

We have been able to build a lot of great tools for the photographers and creative professionals using our sites. They have been tested by our users for over two years now. But most of the tools built within our system have only been available to our hosted sites.
Starting in February, we will start making plugins available to everyone. Some will be free. Some will be premium (paid) plugins that will be available in our new Marketplace. All will be tools built for photographers, based on feedback and years of working with photographers.


The Couture SnapShots and plugins and more will all be made available in a new Marketplace, to be launched soon. We have been planning and building this behind the scenes and are looking forward to starting a whole new way to help creative professionals create a better online presence.