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This post started as a response to an email we received recently. A potential new client was considering our sites and wanted to know how our sites worked with email, ftp, file sharing, and other things that might or might not be included in a traditional hosting account. How our "Hosted" sites work First, I should explain how our sites work because people who have owned a hosting account are used to things working a little differently. While we "host" the BlogSite we are not a "hosting provider". We provide premium managed hosting of a WordPress site - handling daily backups, seamless upgrades, and development of new features. We work similar to the way someone like SmugMug or AlbumExposure or Basecamp or DropBox, or any "hosted" web app does - we host that one thing and do it extremely well, better than would ever be possible to sell as a one-off site. Basically it

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The coming months will bring some new features and ideas that we are very excited about and want to give a quick preview of what to expect. For most of these, we will be looking for early feedback so if you are interested in trying out some new toys and helping guide the development of the sites, let us know! Couture SnapShots! The new Couture SnapShots will provide BlogSite owners premium designs that "snap" into place. They will come with easy to activate settings that bring a new look to your site and will even include layered Photoshop files, allowing further customization. All of our BlogSite themes are extremely customizable but these new design starting points will help you take your site to the next level. WordPress Plugins for Everyone! We have been able to build a lot of great tools for the photographers and creative professionals using our sites. They have been tested


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Special Discount - 1/2 off Additional Sites! Have ever wanted to start a 2nd or third arm of your business? Boudoir, commercial, a new product line, workshops? We want to make it really easy to take that leap. If you have at least one site that is currently paid, you can get any number of additional sites at 1/2 price. All you need to do is create a new site while logged in under your same username. When you visit the Blog Account page, all prices will marked down. Yes, you heard that right. 50% off! ANYTIME. And to make things even easier, we are happy to announce a very cool new feature that we are calling "SnapShots". If you want to keep a similar look and keep some brand recognition on your other sites, you can use our new SnapShot tool to save, export and import style settings between sites. By simply copying

New Lower Pricing! We are happy to announce our new even lower pricing for 2012! BlogSite subscriptions are now $29/month or $299/year! So why are we lowering the prices? In the time since we launched, we have been able to improve our entire process so much, that we decided to pass along the savings to our clients. Our sites have been tested, refined and improved. We have built and added new features. Our server has been optimized and tweaked. Our support system has been streamlined, and we have found and squashed bugs thanks to the input of all our amazing BlogSite owners. One of the founding principals of Photography BlogSites was to make the process of getting your small business online, easier. Part of that process is to make the maintenance of your professional website as affordable as possible. This is just another step towards that goal. What about current BlogSite accounts? If you are a current Photography