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We have two AMAZING new PDF guides to announce. Getting Started Guide Our all new Photography BlogSites "Getting Started Guide" goes over every step you need to start using your new site. We have had one since we launched but have added so many new features since then that it has needed an overhaul. You can Download it Here. WordPress Editor's Guide We also have a comprehensive guide for everything that is basic to WordPress itself. This guide is a great resource for anyone using WordPress. You can Download it Here.

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Sick of hitting "Insert into Post" for every image? Well, we have had a somewhat hidden feature in the works for a while that would allow to upload a many images as you want, and just hit "Insert All". After some serious testing and reworking, we are ready to announce it for everyone. This new bulk image uploader was actually built as part of our new (still in development) WordPress proofing plugin - "ProofShop Pro".  While the proofing plugin is still early in the works, one of the first features it needed was an easy way to upload lots of images at once. A proofing gallery could possibly contain hundreds of images so the traditional one at a time upload was a hurdle we wanted to overcome right from the start. Once we had it working, it was so easy to use that we had to get it going on the main

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Love telling people about PhotographyBlogSites and wish there was a way to make money doing it? Well now there is! As a way of saying thanks for the amazing response and word-of-mouth referrals we have gotten since our launch, we are announcing our affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, you get 20% of any account you refer to us for the life of the account! We will provide you with links, banner images and even a cool chart that shows exactly how many people you have sent our way. How does it work? Unlike some affiliate programs that require a signup right then and there, when someone uses your affiliate link a cookie is placed in their browser for 30 days. As long as they come back and signup, we'll know you sent them and you get 20% of each signup for the life of the account! This is how some of those amounts add up: BlogSite Monthly: %20


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